Monday, June 09, 2008

Severe Thunderstorm Fails to Deter Outdoor Adventure

The rumble of thunder tonight is a pleasant reminder of the men's campout. Kudos to those brave and hardy men who braved the elements on Friday night. (Although seeing your neighbors trampoline blowing aross your backyard is a pretty good indicator that it is NOT a good night for camping...) The nasty weather broke around 9 pm and left us with this scene of guys parked around a campfire.

I've also decided that if I'm ever going to be stuck on an island, I am picking Greg and Deaon for my team. Those two were like the dueling quartermasters! Gear? They got it in spades and they're not afraid to share it. Listening to Sgt Dean and Deaon compete for the title of the ultimate "be prepared" boy scout was hillarious.

For those who allowed logic to get the better of them and stayed home, we'll see if we can do this again soon. And Marvin, this time I promise to warn you that the campsite is crushed gravel. I regret, regret, regret that you and Abrahm were not warned of the conditions!

Prophetstown Photos

Narron emailed me a bunch of photos over the weekend and I figured you might enjoy them as much as I have. Feel free to email any that you have and I'll get those uploaded too.

Jon learns tech tips from Anthony, or at least a demonstration of what the latest radar map is showing about Tippecanoe County weather. You can take the IT guy out of the office, but...

Relaxing around the campfire. I, for one, am grateful that Narron was unable to get a picture of my very best efforts to launch a Coleman latern into low earth orbit. Note to self: Flames belong inside the lantern, not on the outside...

The severe weather faded just in time for us to enjoy being outdoors but I I'll think twice before my next bold prediction. This one worked out very, very well for us.

Quality time & quantity time = Good father - son relationship!